1. Describe your goals

We’ll ask the right questions to help you walk through this step.

2. Get matched with your coach

Within 24 hours, we’ll match you with a coach we think will be a good fit. (you can always request another one…it won’t hurt our feelings)

3. Get introduced

Get comfortable with your coach. Spend some time getting to know each other, talk things over and make sure your you two are a good fit.

4. Work directly with your coach

You and your coach will exchange contact information, set schedule coaching calls and see what works best for you. We might help organize the meeting. But, everything is completely confidential and focused on you.

5. Set your goals

When you sign up with Achievely, you get a private goal dashboard that super-charges how you set and achieve your goals. Your coach will be able to see the goals you set and the progress you’ve made. Don’t worry, if you have “secret goals,” you can choose not to share them

6. Motivation. Accountability. Results.

Throughout the week, your coach will be keeping track of your gaol progress and will send you emails to keep you on track. Once a month, you and your coach will meet over the phone for your 1-hour one-on-one. This is where brainstorming, motivation and accountability happens. You’re also invited to a monthly conference call with other achievers.

7. Achieve it

As the saying goes, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” While, Achievely can’t replace effort, it can give you what so many other people are missing, accountability and measurement. If you keep with it, you’ll see definable, incredible and obvious results. As always, you can cancel anytime during your coaching and get your money back.